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Russia ended its navy presence by completing its troop withdrawal in 1994 and shutting down the Skrunda-1 radar station in 1998. The main targets of Latvia in the Nineties, to affix NATO and the European Union, were achieved in 2004.

Granted, we mostly did it with picket skis and cable fixtures, so many are actually rediscovering how rather more fun the entire thing is with carbon fiber and fixture methods. Between the Eastern European international locations that joined the EU in 2004, the Czech Republic boasts the best quality of life at 87% of the EU average. According to Eurostat knowledge from 2015 (revealed in March 2017), the standard of life in Latvia is just 64% of the European common.

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In the ninth century the Balts got here under the overlordship of the Varangians, or Vikings, but a extra lasting dominance was established over them by their German-speaking neighbours to the west, who Christianized Latvia within the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. From the mid-16th to the early 18th century, Latvia was partitioned between Poland and Sweden, however by the end of the 18th century the entire of Latvia had been annexed by expansionist Russia. German landowners managed to retain their affect in Latvia, however indigenous Latvian nationalism grew rapidly within the early twentieth century.


The University of Latvia and Riga Technical University are two main universities in the nation, each established on the idea of[clarification needed] Riga Polytechnical Institute and situated in Riga. The University of Daugavpils is another important centre of education.

There are 2,256 lakes which might be greater than 1 ha (2.5 acres), with a collective area of 1,000 km2 (390 sq mi). Of these, forty two% are raised bogs; forty nine% are fens; and 9% are transitional mires. 70% percent latvian women of the mires are untouched by civilization, and they’re a refuge for a lot of uncommon species of plants and animals.

In latest times, the Baltic religion has been revived in Baltic neopaganism. At the end of 1999 in Helsinki, the heads of the European Union nations and governments invited Latvia to begin negotiations regarding accession to the European Union. In 2004 Latvia’s most necessary overseas coverage targets – membership within the European Union and NATO – had been fulfilled. On April 2, Latvia grew to become a member of NATO and on May 1, Latvia along with the opposite two Baltic States (Estonia and Lithuania) became a full-fledged member of the European Union.

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All finally supported the restoration of Latvia’s national independence. The first post war years marked a particularly dismal and sombre period in Latvia’s history. Soviet rule was characterised by systematic repression and genocide in opposition to the Latvian people.

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The historic Balts of this time actively participated within the buying and selling network. Across the European continent, Latvia’s coast was generally known as a place for obtaining amber.

Language and citizenship legal guidelines have been opposed by many Russophones. Citizenship was not mechanically extended to former Soviet residents who settled during the Soviet occupation, or to their offspring. Children born to non-nationals after the reestablishment of independence are automatically entitled to citizenship. Approximately seventy two% of Latvian citizens are Latvian, whereas 20% are Russian; less than 1% of non-residents are Latvian, whereas 71% are Russian. The government denationalized private property confiscated by the Soviets, returning it or compensating the homeowners for it, and privatized most state-owned industries, reintroducing the prewar forex.

Municipal roads in Latvia totals km of roads and 8039 km of streets. The finest recognized roads are A1 (European route E67), connecting Warsaw and Tallinn, as well as European route E22, connecting Ventspils and Terehova. In 2017 there were a complete of 803,546 licensed autos in Latvia. Future co-operation will embrace sharing of nationwide infrastructures for training purposes and specialisation of training areas (BALTTRAIN) and collective formation of battalion-sized contingents to be used in the NATO fast-response drive. In January 2011, the Baltic states have been invited to hitch NORDEFCO, the defence framework of the Nordic international locations.