8 Tips to Increase Slow Windows Server Speed After Malware Removal

In some cases, it seems that a direct "Uninstall" button will be included right in the Setup window, though some apps will require more manual action on the user’s part. Proper error handling/error reporting, unlike some of the other answers, that silently ignore errors. Thank you very much, your example is much clearer than the one from MSDN. It includes some strsafe.h header, that isn’t safe at all, it causing a bunch of a compiler errors in winuser.h and winbase.h.

Solutions To Fix Error Code 0x80070002

This error indicates that either Firefox is not installed or your shortcut to it is incorrect. Make sure that Firefox is installed at the location specified by the shortcut. If it isn’t, install Firefox if necessary, then modify the shortcut to point to the correct location. Use another browser to download the Firefox installer from the Firefox download page and install it. See How to download and install Firefox on Windows for details.

He has also authored programming books such as 32-Bit Windows Programming (W.H.Sams) and NT 4/ Windows 95 Developer’s Handbook (Sybex). Ben’s other interests include puzzles, international travel, and exotic foods. For example, if you’re upgrading to Windows 10 and you have certain apps that are incompatible with the OS, Windows 10 Setup will let you know what those apps are while prompting you to get rid https://wikidll.com/microsoft/svsvc-dll of them.

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  • Among other things, this can be used for fixing existing problems without receiving a blue screen.
  • We’ve gathered together the most common error codes for you here.
  • To do this, hold down the F8 key while starting Windows and switch to safe mode before the Windows logo appears.
  • Microsoft offers an overview of more than 350 known error codes.
  • In this mode, Windows only loads processes and drivers that are absolutely necessary.

Also, I do not know for sure if at all that is the actual issue. The result is "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations." I did the DISM tests and still found no errors. On Microsoft Answers, I’ve found that many users have had this issue, but not sure if they were all on Windows 10. Ben Ezzell is a freelance consultant and software engineer, as well as the author of more than 20 books on computer programming. Ben’s books include the first titles that introduced both object-oriented Pascal and C++ (Addison-Wesley) and the complete guide to Windows NT in HELP!

As you say that "out of nowhere it pops up", this might relate to the screen-saver popping up after a period of inactivity. Try setting your screen-saver to "None" to see if the error disappears. If it does, re-install or choose another screen-saver. I have windows bit version 1709 (16299.192) running on a samsung laptop np550p5c with so far no new updates showing up in the settings page. I could try disabling syncing of windows theme, as suggested by a user, and it has helped many users apparently, but I want my sync to work, not disable it.

Run Windows Update In Windows 8

The user that was used to log in to Windows at startup is still the active one. If you receive the above error when launching Firefox on a Windows system, you may be required by Firefox to log in as an administrator. You can either reboot the computer or, if you have an administrator account, you can execute the program as an administrator.